Vendor Inquiries

Would your brand look great in our stores? Let us know!

Thank you for your interest in Monkee’s ®. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with selections from some of the finest designers. Monkee’s is known for the brands we carry, the quality of choices and the personal customer experience that each and every person receives when they visit our stores.

Each Monkee’s store is independently owned and operated, thus makes their own purchasing decisions. However, Monkee’s corporate maintains a list of approved designers for our stores to choose from. As new lines are reviewed and approved, these are added to our approved list of designers. Information regarding the lines is then shared with our store


If you are interested in becoming an approved designer, please complete our vendor inquiry form below. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed. No phone call inquires please. Upon review of the line, if we determine it is in keeping with our brand standards, we will approve the line and provide the Sales Representatives contact information with our store owners. If they are interested in your line, they will contact the representative directly to discuss the opportunity further.

Please refrain from sending product samples to our corporate office. If we feel samples are necessary to make an approval decision, we will request these. Any samples that are sent that we have not requested will not be returned to you.