Jeni Kleckley

Monkee's of the West End
Monkee's of the West End
103-A Augusta Street
Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 239-0788
Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. My grandfather, dad, brother and I all ran or run our own businesses. From an early age, I remember sitting in my dad’s restaurants wiping down trays to help out while my mom and dad worked behind the counter. I learned my work ethic from my parents, and although I didn’t realize my passion for owning my own business till after college, I truly love going to work every day. I laugh because I was an Art History and Psychology major, never even thought about owning a business. But somehow Monkee’s found me, and showed me what I was truly good and passionate about.
I have been at Monkee’s of the West End since the first year it opened. I realized I wanted to buy Monkee’s probably 7 years ago, but it took me 7 years to figure out how to make it happen. However, I am glad I waited to buy the store till when I did. I learned a lot in the years I managed the store and I truly believe I purchased the store when I was meant to.
I would have to say the relationships in my life. I have created strong and meaningful relationships with my employees, customers, family/friends and most importantly, the one I have with myself. As a young business woman, I struggled to have a positive relationship with who I was, not always sure of the ground I stood on and what it meant. I finally feel like I have grown to a place where I am confident in who I am, what my passions are and see my future very clearly. Monkee’s has played a very significant part in that growth. Through managing the store, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses, but it always provided a safe environment for to become who I am.