Monkee’s of Charlotte’s Six Must-Haves for Fall

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While there are still a few warm weekends left before we say goodbye to summer, Monkee’s of Charlotte is already saying hello to fall.

The style gurus at Monkee’s are starting to welcome next season’s most popular trends – as in literally unpacking the boxes. This means you don’t have to wait until the temperatures drop to check out the hottest fashions for fall 2017.

The Monkee’s Six in the Mix for Fall:

  • Extra, Extra! – Embellishments will be everywhere on everything – from handbags to hemlines. Whether bold or delicate, details of embroidery and applique will be a big focus for fall.
  • Arm Yourself – As in previous seasons, statement sleeves continue to be a trend. Fall 2017 sleeves up the ante by adding a bit of exaggeration. Bells, bows, and lots of volume will add a dramatic touch to outfits starting in September.
  • Fit to be Tied – tie-up trend is taking over from top to bottom. Knitwear is a key category for the lace-up look, updating an otherwise simple sweater. Long laces that wrap around shoes will also make a statement.
  • Athleisure Wear Upgrade – Move over yoga pants and crop tops, athleisure wear is now elevated. Sweatshirts in various shapes and styles are a must-have item – especially those with fun finishes such as fringe and jewels.
  • Va-Va-Va Velvet – This plush fabric will give you all the “feels” this fall. The rich finish will make tops more touchable, dresses more divine and boots more beautiful.
    Statement Shoes – Shoes are stepping out of the closet this season with a step in a new direction. Florals, prints, jewels and other fine finishes will find their way to the feet – whether it’s on a sneaker or a stiletto.

The brand-new styles are arriving in the store this week, so we can give you the first look as we open the special deliveries!

Monkee’s of Charlotte is located at 2839 Selwyn Ave.

Call 704-379-7995 or visit for details.