NCRMA Awards Monkee’s as a 2015 Retailer of the Year

Monkee’s, a leading retailer of upscale ladies fashion, was honored with the Retailer of the Year award by The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA). The awards were presented during NCRMA’s Annual Retail Refresh “lunch and learn,” this year held at the Marriott in Winston-Salem, NC.

NCRMA’s Retailer of the Year Awards is an annual recognition to celebrate retail excellence, from the smallest independent retailers to the largest chains across all sectors. Businesses are evaluated according to their contributions to the state’s economy, their business innovations, as well as their impact on local communities. The other recipients of this award include Lowes Foods, Ray Price Harley-Davidson and Walgreens.

“We are proud of all of our retail members, who work day in and day out to provide superior value to their customers, and these four award recipients have served North Carolina’s retail industry with distinction,” said NCRMA President and General Counsel Andy Ellen. “They deserve statewide recognition because they are helping to sustain local economies, changing to meet the needs of their customers, and giving back to their local communities.”

Monkee’s was founded in 1995, and has grown from one boutique in Wilmington, North Carolina to 23 current locations across eight states. The company will open three additional franchise locations in August.

“This year marks our 20th anniversary since the first Monkee’s store opened, and we are honored to be a 2015 Retailer of the Year,” said Andrea Rice, Monkee’s Vice President of Sales and Operations.

Monkee’s founder DeeDee Shaw met co-owner Brenda Maready through their love of shopping and the latest in ladies’ fashions.

“It all started one day when I was shopping in Wilmington, and I heard about this fabulous boutique named Monkee’s. I found the store, walked in and fell in love. I loved the concept, loved the decor, and I met DeeDee Shaw,” said Maready.

A partnership was formed and Maready opened Monkee’s of the Village in Winston-Salem, NC in 1997. Shaw and Maready later decided to use their skills to develop a fun and rewarding business opportunity to potential franchisees.

From full-time mothers to corporate executives, each year Shaw and Maready meet with people who have one common dream: to own a retail business.  No matter the level of experience in retail or owning a business, they offer guidance based on their 20 years of success with the support of their dedicated corporate team.

“All Monkee’s boutiques are independently owned and operated,” said Rice. “DeeDee and Brenda’s vision has cultivated a unique family of small business owners in a supportive and collaborative environment.”

Rice said that the company expects to open four to six new locations a year.